Very Important information! Please read it!

There is one CD order which is shipped back to us because of a wrong address. The order was from Las Vegas, NV, on November 23.

If you live in Las Vegas, put order and didn’t receive it, let me hear from you. We tried to reach you via email but we didn’t hear anything back from you.

So, inbox me here. The address on the shipping envelope was copied and pasted from the PayPal order invoice.
There is also one order from Ontario, Canada that we have been trying to reach the person who ordered it but couldn’t get any response from.

When you put order via PayPal, please make sure you put a correct mailing address as well as email address; otherwise we can’t reach you for any information.

If you live outside the US and order CDs from A4P, we will contact you through your email address for the extra shipping fee because the shipping fee you see on the website is set for the American residents only. The system we have right now doesn’t calculate a shipping price for different countries and continents.

If you live in Ethiopia, these same teaching CDs are scheduled to be released in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Sunday, December 28, 2014 at the Misrak Meseret Kirstos Church right after I deliver the message for the Sunday morning sermon in the same church at 12 noon. For detail info, you can contact our Addis Ababa agent Daniel, at +251-911-112457/201245.