“Who says it has to be itsy bitsy?”

Summer vacation, swimsuits, and modesty – and more!

Hmm! Actress and designer Jessica Rey – one of the actresses in the TV series Power Ranger – talking about bikini – Interesting!

She said, “Bikini inspires men to see women as objects something to be used; not rather than someone to connect with. – – – So, wearing a bikini gives women power; power to shut down man’s ability to see her as a person but rather as an object.”

The medial frontal context of the brain (TAKE NOTE) of a man will shut off when he sees woman in a bikini and the brain part which is able to identify objects such as a screw-driver or a chair will turn on. That means a man who is looking at the woman with a bikini can’t see her as a human being but as an object.

She said, "You can dress modestly without sacrificing fashion. – – – Modesty is not about covering our body because they are bad; modesty is not about hiding ourselves; it is about revealing our dignity." Wow!

Phenomenal speech!

Make sure you hear the whole presentation. She designs her own swimsuits. If you want to buy similar swimsuits she is recommending to wear so that your dignity will be out on a display, make sure you shop quick to any department stores because they are selling out very fast. Yes, most women want to follow their natural God given instinct of modesty.///