Looking of a Wife

What if the prayer of Abraham’s servant who was sent out to look for a wife for Isaac was like this (Genesis 24):

“God, please let that woman be the wife of Isaac who gives me a cup of water when I tell her that I’m thirsty.”

Well, any woman on his way; any woman who came first; any woman with a skirt would have been Isaac’s wife.

But Abraham’s servant was wise. He prayed in the way to filter out the word “any” from the prefix of the word “woman” so that he would end up with “the unique, rare and hard to find” one.

So, if you are a single man, looking for a wife, don’t pray for “any” woman to be your wife. Rather pray to find a woman who has a potential to be a Proverbs 31 kind of wife; a wife who has a potential to live for you and your kids. Since you are called to die for her, you need a wife who is going to live for you and your kids.

One of the identifying characteristics of that kind of wife is this: She serves others out of her way. She is not into herself. She reaches out. She may dress up nice and beautiful but that is not where her life ends. She is willing to go the extra mile to do good for others who are not able to pay her back.

But as usual, you can only see and find her if you are sexually pure (Matthew 5:27-28) because sexual immorality blinds your sight so that you won’t be able to see anything that is honorable and pure. If your sight is not there, you will pick a woman who will make you curse the rest of your life.

So, first get your sight back if you already lost it because of sexual immorality; then seek and find a woman who makes you bless the rest of your life on earth. Yes, she is in your vicinity. Yes, she is around. ///