The Number One Motivator to Get a Man Change is Called – – –

Sexual addiction mainly causes spiritual and psychological pain but most men in sexual addiction escape the pain by pairing it with other addictions such as social drugs (tobacco and alcohol), prescription drugs and by sleeping with different women. Why? To numb and silence the pain!

If you take a man who is in a serious sexual addiction problem and put him in a sort of “a sexually pure men camp,” and leave him there to himself, the man will kill himself. Why? The pain will be overwhelming. Continue reading The Number One Motivator to Get a Man Change is Called – – –

Good morning to you all!

I know it’s been long time since I said this but hey, today is the day!

If you have any question you want to ask me or you have something to share with me, go ahead and inbox me with your messages. I just received a beautiful message from one of my strong supporters letting me know about one minister I need to listen to since he/she is teaching in the same area as I’m. I love it! You see, even if I live on the land of treasure, I won’t be able to know everything out there. So, if you have a ministry you want to tell me about or a book you suggest that I read, let me know. Of course, if you also have those crazy questions, such as, “Why are you in this ministry?”, let me know. I guess that is the question I am still searching an answer for, lol.

So, I will be on Facebook for the next three hours. Yes, my kids are out from school (summer vacation) and they are not morning people. Yeah, the Bankos are strangers for sunrise unless there is school and work. Well, I wonder where I came from.

Anyways, until my house turns into a public arena, I can hang out with you.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

In Christ Jesus, Missy. ///

Struggle to Get Over Withdrawal Effect

A4P Guest: “After reading some of your articles, I got convicted of flirting with men around me. I’m one of the worship leaders in my church. I used to like to wear tight pants and/or short dresses. I was enjoying the attention the men were giving me. A couple weeks ago, I decided to buy a dress which is neither tight nor short but still cute. I wore to the next church program. I was actually leading the worship that day. For some reason, I felt clean standing before the people of God, consciously dressing up in a non-seductive way, if you know what I mean. I loved the feeling I had but when the program was over, I had some kind of “withdrawal” feeling, lol, from missing all the attention those men used to give me. I knew I did the right thing but not receiving that “addictive attention” from the men made me kind of feel down. Believe me I will continue dressing up honorably even if I still have temptation to wear those seductive dresses, but let me ask you: When do you think I will get over this withdrawal feeling?” Continue reading Struggle to Get Over Withdrawal Effect