The Day After

As a family, we had a wonderful Independence Day yesterday. We came home around 10pm after enjoying the fireworks which made the holiday even more exciting and memorable.

Every time I have a day such as yesterday with my family, I want to press “pause” so the day won’t pass away, you know what I mean. I just want to build tents enough for all of us so we always live “in that day.”

Yesterday, there was so much noise and laughter, and food in my house.

Today, I am sitting here in my empty kitchen all by myself. The only noise I hear is the air conditioner and the fridge.

Do I sound a bit sad?

Well, my only daughter, Lydia, flew to Málaga, Spain today early in the morning for a mission trip for 10 days. I didn’t even see her. Her big brother, Abel, dropped her to her home church where she meets others who travel with her. (Lydia’s home church is close to our house. Abel goes to a small church that is closer to his campus, a small church which does many great things in the Kingdom of God.)

Abel and Lydia seem to have a big heart for the work of mission. May God use them!

But for me, their mother, every of their mission trip leaves me with a mixed emotion. Abel traveled to Nicaragua last year and I had the same experience. I guess I am doing quite well now compare to last year. But still, my heart is already in Málaga, Spain.

Please pray for the safe trip back of the team. Pray that God’s grace and mercy go before them!

When I read through the instruction paper that Lydia brought home with her few days ago, I found this and I wanted to share it with you (I’m sharing with you the picture of those two paragraphs).

You see, there is no, “Don’t judge the book by its cover” kind of philosophy here. How a person chooses to adorn, “cover themselves,” speaks louder than what is inside them. Before they preach the Gospel, they need to get their “coverings,” straight which is “appropriate” to their confession: “Followers of Jesus Christ.”

Don’t you love that? I do!

I’m glad that I didn’t say yesterday like Peter,  “Lord, it is good that we are here. Let us make” tents enough for all of us so we can always live in July 4. (Luke 9:33)

No, I am glad that July 5 is here and I am glad that my only daughter is gone to work in the Kingdom of God.

What more do I want from this life except seeing my own children getting “yoked” in work of the Kingdom of God! ///