Happy Independence Day!

One of my favorite holidays!
Yes, I love Independence Day because it keeps all my family members in the house. What more do I want! My honey-bun and my lovely and funny kids are roaming the house.

Yes, I love Independence Day!
And my only daughter, Lydia, is a good cook! So, we are patiently waiting for her yum, yum fried chicken to be done.
And after we get our belly full, we head out to see fireworks! Seeing the fireworks filling the sky makes me thank God for the freedom that He bestowed on this great nation!
This beautiful country, America, has become independent from Great Britain since 1776 (“The Fourth of July—has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941”).
America is free and great country because of few genuine and sincere men and women who knew how to fight the good fight. They refused to shut up and sit back and watch evil unfolding before their very eyes. They spoke up when they had to and refused to be idle when they were supposed to work hard 24/7, not so they would become rich but so many people would enjoy freedom (freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc.)
Don’t you love that? I do!
And listen to this: Most of these Americans were Christians! Yes, they were! They didn’t just read their Bible and lived in the way they liked to. No! They didn’t do that. Instead, they read and studied their Bible and they lived out their faith.
America is still blessed by these kinds of people. Even if we hear evil taking the upper hand left and right today, because of the presence of these spiritual men and women, evil is prevented and even stopped from triumphing in America.
Praise God!
They are indeed the light of this world and the salt of this earth!
May God continue blessing America with these men and women of God! ///