Risky Groups To Be Online!

Generally speaking, it is too risky for anyone to look for a spouse online because the person you meet online is as good person as he/she stays online, in a virtual world, not a spouse in a real world to do marriage in a real life. As we all know, marriage is not made for a virtual world but for a real world.

But there are some people who shouldn’t even try to look for a spouse online and I put those people in the following five groups:

  1. People who had multiple failed relationships,
  2. People who are shy (mainly this group refers mainly men who are afraid of talk to girls),
  3. People who do life alone (who have no social life),
  4. People who have no idea about the danger of social media, and
  5. People who have never been in a dating relationship before (very young people, especially young girls).

When we present ourselves on a virtual world, via social media, it is not possible to present our real and authentic self because it is a virtual world.

To send one text message, for instance, we first compose what we wanna say, then we proofread it and correct any spelling or grammatical errors we find. And we see if the content is good, we ask: Does it present me as a nice person or not? And we evaluate it before we press send. After we do it many times, we can just write and press “send” because we get very experienced and skilled at writing and presenting ourselves well. It is like doing multiple job interviews.

After we do five or seven job interviews, we feel comfortable with our skin and we just go and do it. Why? We know how to sell ourselves.

I mean, it is good to know how to sell yourself so you find a nice job that fits your needs but when it comes to marriage, well, if you are looking for a life partner online with your online skill, you may find yourself in a very difficult place. So, take caution!

If you especially belong to one of the above risky groups, pay attention and try to stay away from looking for a spouse on social media as much as you can. Rather, strive to cultivate and nurture your social skill in a real world (like in your church) so you find a person you can be friend with and maybe marry, instead of gambling away your precious life on social media.

“Whoever has ears, let them hear.” (Matthew 11:15)

“Out in the open wisdom calls aloud,
she raises her voice in the public square” (Proverbs 1:20) ///