So Common These Days!

A4P Guest: My husband doesn’t listen to me. We have been married for the last two years and I don’t remember a day he agrees with me.
A4P: Very disappointing! Who does he listen to?
A4P Guest: To his sisters, brothers and his mother.

A4P: Ouch! Did you guys take premarital counseling before you got married?
A4P Guest: No.
A4P: Then you two need to learn about marriage, what marriage is and what “a man shall leave his father and mother and he shall become one with his wife” means.
A4P Guest: He is not interested to learn. I asked him to go with me to get marriage counseling but he said, “You are the one who needs counseling, not me. So, go and get some teaching so you’ll a better wife.”
A4P: Wow! Do you have kids?
A4P Guest: Not yet! But Missy, how can I get pregnant when I constantly live in worry? I want to get pregnant but I fear raising my kids alone.
A4P: I totally understand your fear.
A4P Guest: I am praying day and night and the people in my Bible study pray for us too. But nothing has changed!
A4P: Does your husband believe in Jesus Christ?
A4P Guest: No.
A4P: Why did you marry him if he doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ?
A4P Guest: I was very weak in my walk with Christ two years ago and I was living in sin with him and I decided to marry him. ///
P. S. Why is this kind of story becoming so common these days?