Really? Ethiopians Kill Ethiopians Like This?

የጄሶና የሰጋቱራ እንጀራ አሜሪካን እያጥለቀለቀ ነው

ተጠንቀቁ! ኢትዮጵያንና ኢትዮጵያውያንን የማጥፋት ፕሮጀክት አካል የሆነው እንጀራን በጄሶና ሰጋቱራ መበከል አንዱ ነው። እነሆ ለካንሰር በሽታ በሚዳርጉ የተለያዩ ባዕድ አካላት የተጋገረው እንጀራ ከኢትዮጵያ አልፎ አሜሪካ ገባ።

Posted by Brana Press on Tuesday, May 21, 2019

This is to all Ethiopians who live outside Ethiopia who are buying and eating Ingera that comes from Ethiopia with a label “100% Teff.”
Well, let the lady on the above video tell you!

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Of Free Will

(The first five points are a copy and paste of the Westminster Confession of Faith Chapter 9)
“1. God hath endued the will of man with that natural liberty, that is neither forced, nor by any absolute necessity of nature determined to good or evil.
2. Man, in his state of innocency, had freedom and power to will and to do that which is good and well-pleasing to God; but yet mutably, so that he might fall from it.

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There Is Only One Mediator

The Westminster Larger Catechism
#181. Why are we to pray in the name of Christ?
“The sinfulness of man, and His distance from God by reason thereof, being so great, as that we can have no access into His presence without a mediator; and there being none in heaven or earth appointed to, or fit for, that glorious work but Christ alone, we are to pray in no other name but His only.”

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