Not The Other Man

For some reason, I am meeting lots of married young women who are entangled in extra-marital relationships and most of these beautiful women don’t even realize it until it is tooooo late.

After counseling a number of these women, I arrived to some of the early signs of an extra-marital affairs that I find to be very common in most of these women and I want to share them with you.

So, if you are a wife of one man, it is good to be aware of SOME of these early signs of an affair: (“he or him” refers to the other man, other than your husband) Continue reading Not The Other Man

To Live In Peace With Your Wife

A4P Guest: I am married and have two little kids. My wife and I don’t seem to get along these days because of her character.
A4P: What is her character like?
A4P Guest: I can’t even characterize her in one way because she changes every day. When I feel like she is happy, I find her being sad and I don’t even know what to do with her. I can’t predict her mood. What do I need to do?

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Irrational Fear?????

A4P Guest: I’m seeing someone. I met him eight months ago at my friend’s house. He is my dream man. He doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol. He treats me the way I always want to be treated by a man. I’m a born-again Christian but he is not. I mean, he is not that much interested to go to church but encourages me to go. He proposed to me last week and he promised me to receive Jesus Christ before this year ends. But deep down in my heart, I have this irrational fear and I want to ask you what you think of this? Continue reading Irrational Fear?????

Are You That Person?

There is no truth like the truth of the indwelling sin that set me free. You know, I used to think that Satan was the one who made me sin against God. Oh, yes! I used to rebuke him one million times a day but that didn’t seem to solve my problem. I then heard that Satan’s angles are billions, so I thought at least half of those billion of Satan’s angels are staying with me. So, I continued rebuking them like a lunatic, sometimes looking like a person with a black belt in karat, if you know what I mean.

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