Irrational Fear?????

A4P Guest: I’m seeing someone. I met him eight months ago at my friend’s house. He is my dream man. He doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol. He treats me the way I always want to be treated by a man. I’m a born-again Christian but he is not. I mean, he is not that much interested to go to church but encourages me to go. He proposed to me last week and he promised me to receive Jesus Christ before this year ends. But deep down in my heart, I have this irrational fear and I want to ask you what you think of this?

A4P: Irrational fear????

What are you talking about? I was just about to ask you if you knew Jesus Christ and read your Bible had you not mentioned your internal fear or turmoil about this issue.

I believe, God is trying to speak to you.

I think you are a born-again Christian but when it comes to the biblical understanding of “born-again Christian,” I don’t think you grasped that truth correctly.

You see, you didn’t come to this world deciding the day and time you would be born. It is the same with your second birth which is not from the will of man but God (John 1:13). You didn’t seek God when God found you dead. You didn’t love Him when He first loved and brought you into the Kingdom of His Son, Jesus Christ (Romans 5:8, 1 John 4:19).

So your boyfriend, making appointment to meet with God, is nothing but a bit funny and unscriptural. No one can come to Jesus Christ without God the Father calls him to (John 6:44). He can’t set time and date to meet the Sovereign God. And no one knows who is going to come to the kingdom of God and when. Only God!

The truth that is sitting in front of you now is the fact that the man doesn’t know, love and follow Jesus Christ. So read 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 and understand what the word of God is saying about people who don’t believe and follow Christ.

My advice is then this: Run away from him. Give him the ring back and turn around and move on with your life. You have no business with the person who doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ. You can’t make him a new creature by marrying him. I hope and pray that you are listening carefully. Don’t tie the knot with the unbelieving man. Doing so is rebelling against the word of God, which may cost you a lot. So be very careful! Remember marriage is not a wedding, it is not a matter of having a sex-license. It is a journey of becoming one with the person you are going to marry, not only physically but mentally, spiritually, emotionally and in all the other “allies.”

I know it is very exciting for a girl to feel loved and cherished by a man and to marry the man she loves but you and I should first be captivated and excited by the word and will of God for our lives so we glorify Him. And God who is always faithful never puts us to shame. He gives us everything we need but we first need to seek Him and His righteousness. (Matthew 6:33)

May God help you. ///