Precious Picture of Real Men!

I mean, I am looking at zillions of pictures of Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali, the new Ethiopian Prime Minister these days and I love them all.

But this particular picture with the US Vice President, Mr. Mike Pence, is a standout for me!
Mr. Pence was recently accused of “NOT” flirting with women, not spending time with women other than his only wife. Can you even understand this accusation? I can’t!
And Dr. Abiy, last Saturday here in DC, began his speech by saying: “The one I love and respect, my brave wife is with me today!”
I mean, talk about real men, these two men are real men! I love them because they are “one-woman” men! 
While I was enjoying my morning walk at a beautiful pond here in my neigbor, I remembered this picture and I said to myself, “When the security guards, their staff and camera crew  members left them alone for few seconds, what would these two men of God have said to each other?”
There is no way for me to know that but I said, “Hey, I can imagine, can’t I? Sure I can.”
So I imagined them saying this to each other:
Mr. Pence: It is a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Abiy!
Dr. Abiy: The pleasure is mine! Wonderful to meet you, Mr. Pence!
Mr. Pence: I heard lots of good things about you. You’re becoming a beacon of hope for all Ethiopians and East Africa! Good for you! Here in the US, we only have two races, black and white, that we need to work hard to keep in peace; but you have 83+ tribes that you always need to keep in peace. I can’t image what that life would be like. But do not fear for God is with you.
Dr. Abiy: Thank you, Mr. Pence. Yes, God is with me. He is the source of my strength.
Mr. Pence: Hey, please pass along my greetings to your precious wife and children. Let’s lift each other up in prayer before God. I will promise to do that, will you?
Dr. Abiy: I sure will. Thank you, Mr. Pence and please pass on my greetings to Mrs. Pence and to all your children. God bless!
Wow! I love this imagination! I felt like this is exactly what they’ve said to each other. May God bless these two amazing men of God! ///