They Call It, “Self-Talk”

I heard and read about it few years ago but I’ve never tried to put it into practice because, I guess, I wasn’t that much convicted or something. But now, hands down! The truth in it made me a believer!

What am I talking about?


Self-talk means, you talk to yourself. No, I am not saying, loudly, but quietly, internally. Just listen now. Yes, now. Do you hear yourself talking to you? Continue reading They Call It, “Self-Talk”

Rather Be Single For Life

It is wonderful to see couples tying the knot to be one, never to be two.

As a married person and a teacher in the area of sexual purity, I can’t tell you how I rejoice whenever I see a wedding.

Yes, the Bible says that marriage protects us from being soaked in sexual immorality (1 Corinthians 7). What a joy then to see someone escaping such a “ruthless tyrant” as sexual immorality!

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Surprised by Suffering

“I am aware that there are teachers who tell us that God has nothing to do with death. Death is seen strictly as the fiendish device of the Devil. All pain, suffering, disease, and tragedy are blamed on the Evil One. God is absolved of any responsibility. This view is designed to make sure that God is free of blame for anything that goes wrong in this world. “God always wills healing.” we are told. If that healing does not happen, then the fault lies with Satan – or with us. Death, they say, is not in plan of God. It represents a victory for Satan over the realm of God.

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Very Sad Reality

This is a very sad message I received few hours ago. I asked the person if I could share her message with you all.
So, with her permission, here is her message:
“I’m a 17 year old girl from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am coming to you if in case you can help me or give me direction. I am suffering a lot. So many people hurt me emotionally that I feel so overwhelmed. Because of all these, I suffer from depression and anxiety disorder.

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I Reluctantly Asked

On my way back from St. Louis, Missouri, I took the airport shuttle from the airport to come home. The driver was very upset with his boss for ordering him to take me. I know, he had no personal issue with me but with his boss who didn’t seem to listen to him, as he told me. He was supposed to be off at that time but I arrived when he was about to leave and his boss ordered him to take the last passenger home.


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