Shows You How to Truly Love

Are you a father?
Do you love your kids?
If you do, you love the mother of your kids. If you don’t love the mother of your kids, then you only love yourself, nobody else.

When you love your son’s mother, your son thinks and believes that you truly love him and he thinks that life is worth fighting for. His mental and spiritual sanity will be guarded and protected. He loves facing life challenges and conquer. When he loses, he doesn’t hit the rock bottom for he has strength to get back up. He finds it easy to speak before others and make his voice heard. He leads when he gets a chance and when he leads, many men follow him not because they like his charisma but he leads them all to success. He respects and honors women. He doesn’t see women as a sex object but a gift from God to treasure, cherish and protect.
Because, you love his mother!
When your daughter sees you loving and caring for her mother, she believes that nobody can hurt her. She doesn’t look for love in all wrong places. She sees “sex before marriage” thingy as what unfortunate people do, not her. She sees herself as a valuable person that she doesn’t let anyone see her as a sex toy. When a man pursues her, she doesn’t get emotional about it, rather she uses her logical mind to see if the man is worthy to have her because her emotional side of her life is protected and guarded.
Who made her like this?
Your love to her mother!
Yes, “The most important thing a father can do for his children is” not to buy them clothes, to give them money when they need it, to put a roof over their heads or to send them to a prestigious school so they become doctors and engineers but “to love their mother.” (Henry Ward Beecher)
So, run to Jesus so Jesus shows you how to truly love your wife and rescue your kids. ///