“I’m interested in a guy”

A4P Guest: Hi Missy, I know this is the weirdest question you’ve probably ever come across but I’m going to ask it anyways. So here we go! So, I’m very interested in a guy in our Bible study. Missy, I’m literally thinking about him 24/7.

A4P: There is nothing weird about that.

A4P Guest: I’m not done. The guy is not interested in me. Talk about falling in love, I’m dying! What do I need to do?

A4P: Phew! That is tough!

(While I’m thinking how to address her question, let me hear how you advise this girl. It would be great if I read especially from those of you, young men, who might be “the guy” a girl imight be thinking about 24/7. Please, let me say this again, PLEASE, don’t advise the girl to ask the guy for a date or marriage, backing up your answer by Ruth’s story. Ruth’s story has nothing to do with a girl asking a man to date or marry her, but everything to do with the redemption work of Christ.) ///

Interracial Relationship

A4P Guest: I’m 26 years old and I’m from Ethiopia, residing here in the US. I’m dating a white Christian man. He proposed to me two weeks ago and we’re thinking of getting married soon. But unfortunately both of my parents are against it because of his race. Is interracial marriage against the word of God? 
A4P: Before I say anything, let me say this: Congratulations!  You must be so excited! I’m happy for you!

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Live on Skype!

I will be on Skype live for the next one and half hour (it is now 1pm EST and I will be on until 2:45pm EST). If you have a question or want somebody to pray with you or want to discuss something that bothers you, call me on the Appeal for Purity counseling Skype account: appealforpurity
I only accept a video call.
Remember this account is not a personal account; means, you don’t need to send in a friend request and you don’t get any reply if you send a message or call outside this time frame. If the line is busy, try back after few minutes.
If you have fast Internet speed and can speak Amharic or English, you can call me.  
I’m in my kitchen, drinking my hot tea.
Looking forward to speaking with you! ///

Don’t Beat Your Own Drum

“When you preach, preach the word of God so you won’t beat your own drum. The power of God is neither in our preaching nor in our method of preaching but in the power of God; and the word of God is where God has invested His supernatural power.”  – R. C. Sproul, Jan 2017 Q&A session
Wow! This is radical! 
No! Let me take that back. This is too biblical!
When we beat our drums, we only give birth to good dancers, not disciples of Christ.
Notice some of the identifying characters of disciples of Jesus Christ:

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Think On These Quotes Long and Hard And – – –

– – – tell me the one common thing you notice:
“Temptations and occasions put nothing into a man, but only draw out what was already in him before.” John Owen
“It is impossible for a person to fully realize his need for God’s grace until he sees how terribly he has failed the standards of God’s law.” John MacArthur

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