“I’m interested in a guy”

A4P Guest: Hi Missy, I know this is the weirdest question you’ve probably ever come across but I’m going to ask it anyways. So here we go! So, I’m very interested in a guy in our Bible study. Missy, I’m literally thinking about him 24/7.

A4P: There is nothing weird about that.

A4P Guest: I’m not done. The guy is not interested in me. Talk about falling in love, I’m dying! What do I need to do?

A4P: Phew! That is tough!

(While I’m thinking how to address her question, let me hear how you advise this girl. It would be great if I read especially from those of you, young men, who might be “the guy” a girl imight be thinking about 24/7. Please, let me say this again, PLEASE, don’t advise the girl to ask the guy for a date or marriage, backing up your answer by Ruth’s story. Ruth’s story has nothing to do with a girl asking a man to date or marry her, but everything to do with the redemption work of Christ.) ///