Phew! This is beyond me!

A4P Guest: “After I read what you posted yesterday, “I thought I loved her but – – -,” I decided to inbox you my question. Before I do that though, let me give you a background story. I’m one of the ministers in our local church. I work more in counseling than preaching. Right now, it’s been two and half months since I’ve been counseling one young man, 27 years old. He came to me seeking help after one girl accused him of making her pregnant. She is three months pregnant now. Then another woman came, saying she is seven months pregnant from him. Then the third one came after a week or so saying the same man was the one who made her pregnant a year ago but she had a miscarriage. These three women want to marry him saying that they were virgins when he convinced them to sleep with them. The young man didn’t deny any of these stories. I sat down with each one of these girls telling them that the man was not ready to marry them; but they didn’t seem to listen to me. Four of these people are our church members. The girls’ age is between 25 and 27. The young man has now a change of heart, I witnessed the change myself; so did other ministers who work with me. He promised to take the responsibility of raising his kids in everything he can. He even wrote a letter stating his promise and sent a copy of that letter to each one of the pregnant girls and to the church. He promised to go above and beyond the child support money he is required to pay. I told him that these three women want to marry him. He just said, “I will do what you tell me to do.” Well, what should I tell him to do? I know I can’t advise him to marry three of them because of what Genesis 2:21-24 says. I don’t think I can apply the law found in Deuteronomy 22:28-29 & Exodus 22:16-17 either. What should I do then?”

A4P: Phew! This is beyond me. My brother, may the LORD give you knowledge and wisdom as you handle cases such as this one.
Let me ponder on it for some time and I will get back to you if I find some valuable advice.
But, you know what, I see one beautiful story unfolding in the middle of all these; i.e. the babies are peacefully growing in their mother’s womb!
What a decision the girls made to let these precious babies live!
A man and a woman may sleep by mistake; but a human being doesn’t come to this life by mistake.
These ladies could have destroyed any trace of evidence by taking Plan B (morning after pill) or by walking into the nearest abortion clinic where babies are pulled out of their mother’s womb, dismantled and trashed. But these girls, regardless of the humongous responsibilities they are going to face, they let their babies live.
May the LORD bless these girls and their babies! May the LORD make these babies “Moses’ of their times” who help millions to crossover from death to live; Joseph’s who say no to sexual perversion; Ester’s who live for the good of others and “Paul’s of Tarsus” who bring the Good News to millions! ///