“I Fear Being Judged”

A4P Guest: “I’m a 24 year-old girl; third year university student, pursuing medicine. I have never been intimate with any man but I view porn almost every day. I am a Christian, active in my church. I can’t tell anyone in my church about my struggle because everybody sees me as a spiritually strong person. I tried everything I can to stay away from porn but I’m losing the battle almost every day. I’m praying and crying before God, but I feel like God is not listening to me. I sometimes think to end it all but fear grips my heart. Everywhere I turn, people are talking about men being addicted to porn and it seems like men who seek help are receiving help, but me, being a girl, how can I go to someone and tell them that I am addicted to porn? I fear being judged and labeled as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. When I watched one of your videos you uploaded on the Appeal for Purity YouTube channel, I heard you saying that you were introduced to porn when you were 13; and I decided to come to you thinking that you may not judge or label me. Missy, I’m scared; I am powerless to stop this. I’m helpless.”

A4P: I can neither judge nor label you, my friend, because I’ve been there. I know that feeling of hopelessness and been taken over by that bone-crushing fear. Continue reading “I Fear Being Judged”