Well, it is Sunday!

My book and Mimi from Seatle WA

Are you going to church today? I hope you are; I and my family are going because it is always right to go to church.

And on this beautiful sunny Sunday morning, I have a beautiful picture I want to post for the competition.

But, first, I want to thank you all for liking Barkot’s pretty picture yesterday. It is clear now that Minnesota is leading in the competition.

Well, not too fast. There are more pictures to come. So, don’t rush to a conclusion.

The picture I’m going to post came from Seattle, WA, from a very pretty young mother of three gorgeous little princesses, Mimi Konjo or Senayet. Thank you Senayet! (What you see written on the picture is Senayet’s favorite quote from my book)

The picture itself speaks volume. I was filled with a spirit of prayer when I first saw the picture. Oh, how I love to see the next generation being mentored in the area of sexual purity by their own mothers! What a joy for me to see this!

That is exactly what the mission of “Beyond the Fairy Tale” book project is all about – to empower and equip mothers and youth ministry leaders to step up to the plate and rescue the next generation from this dark world’s sexual revolution.

If you didn’t order my book yet, I won’t get tired encouraging you to do so. Here is the link: www.appealforpurity.org/storefront/

For those of you who want to take part in the competition, send me your picture with my book and one of your favorite quotes from my book.

If you have no idea about this competition, read my June 16th post and here is the post: http://appealforpurity.org/2015/06/16/a-game-for-a-prize/

My book is not in Ethiopia yet. I know many of you’ve asked me when my book is going to be in Ethiopia. We are trying our best to make it happen. If and when my book makes it to Ethiopia, we will inform you all on this page. ///