What a beautiful Sunny Saturday!

My Book and Barkot from Minneapolis

I’m extremely happy now not because it is sunny and bright out there (which I love) but because I’ve received very beautiful pictures from those who read my book and wanted to take part in the competition. (If you want to know about the competition, read my June 16 post)

I will share with you all one of these beautiful pictures and continue posting the others in the order I’ve received them. The picture I’m going to post today came from Barkot Nuri, a beautiful young girl from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Thank you Barkot!

I wish you, Barkot, all the best!

Her favorite quote from my book is: “God doesn’t do anything without plan and purpose and all His plans and purposes are good, and pleasing for us.” Life Principle Page 59

I love it! So true, isn’t it?

Well, if you want Minnesota to win over Massachusetts and Texas, go ahead and like her picture!

If you didn’t get the copy of my book yet, here is the link to put your order:www.appealforpurity.org/storefront

Those of you who already got my book and read it, let me hear from you.

You all have a blessed day! ///