“Love is not an emotion”

On March 24, there was one tweet that annoyed some people a bit. The tweet goes like this: #Love is not an emotion; it is a #decision and a #commitment.

Well, first, let’s define what emotion is. Emotion is defined as any of the feelings of joy, sorrow, fear, hate, love, etc.

So, if we say, “Love is an emotion,” we pretty much are saying love is nothing but a feeling. Feeling is something we all experience as we go through life. We sometimes feel fearful and another time, we feel like we can conquer the whole world. Sometimes we feel like we have good feeling towards someone, and another time, we feel like we don’t have any feeling for them and we don’t even stand their presence for a second.

Can we then consider that experience of feeling high and low as love? Continue reading “Love is not an emotion”