One of the Banko’s Silly Jokes

Did I ever tell you how much I love my three kids? Oh, my! How can I forget that? I love all my three blessings very much. They indeed are a gift from God (Psalm 127:3). I love and enjoy them very much.

You see, I spend most of my time working on serious stuff and sometimes laughing can be a very rare thing to find in my world.

The thing is I love to laugh and I love to hear jokes (“clean jokes”, I may add) and my kids, all of them are very funny. Well, the funniest of all is my little one. But there is no way for you to know that unless you live with him. Continue reading One of the Banko’s Silly Jokes

How can I share my secret with others?

A4P Guest: May the Lord bless you for what you’re doing!

A4P: Amen! Thank you for your kind remarks!

A4P Guest: Can I ask you a question?

A4P: Sure, you can.

A4P Guest: Why do women act like crazy?

A4P: What do you mean?

A4P Guest: I mean, why do women’s moods change frequently like crazy?

A4P: You know, for you guys, it may seem we women are crazy but we don’t usually see our craziness as you men do. Continue reading How can I share my secret with others?