Finished my Four Weeks class on Sexual Intimacy

Hooray! I just finished four weeks of teaching in my church on the topic of sexual intimacy for married couples.

So, before I expire for the day, let me share with you at least one and half minute of the video of today’s teaching, titled “What a wife wants her husband to know about her sexual nature”. I hope you enjoy it.

The simple and straightforward message of this video clip for husbands is this: After you go into the bedroom, don’t ask your wife if she wants sex. Rather, express your love and care for her so that she will ask you if you want sex.

One husband asks: “So, how can I express my love and care for my wife in the evening?”

Simple! You express your care and love for her by helping her around the house; putting the kids to bed and going to the bedroom with her instead of waiting for her in the bedroom while she is running around the house. Then you don’t need to ask her if she is tired or not or if she wants sex or not. She will be the one to ask you those questions! You can’t beat that! ///