Speed Cameras

Thank you for the State of District of Columbia (DC) for teaching our sweet State, Maryland, to put those speed cameras on our beautiful roads, almost at every major and minor road. I mean, how can we drive?

I’m not happy with those cameras at all!  Seriously! I don’t like them!

Sure, they warn you and they tell you on the news that speed cameras are going to come to your neighborhood. The problem is that warning didn’t register in my brain until I’ve received multiple speeding tickets at the same time!

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We can’t have it both ways!

Have you ever heard this proverb: “You can’t have the cake and eat it too”?

I love it very much! And I use it almost every day because I live with teenagers.

Teenagers have this tendency where they want to watch movies every night and at the same time, they want to get straight A+ on their exams. I mean, how can anybody do that? We can’t have it both ways, period!

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