Good morning to you all who are in DC area!

Did you get a chance to step outside? Oh, LORD, it is a gorgeous day! Praise the LORD! Another brand new day to love and worship our God and live for Him!

And I can’t tell you how excited I’m to deliver the message of God within a couple hours in the area of sexual purity at the International Ethiopian Evangelical Church (IEEC) here in DC. I will be delivering the same message for both services. So, if you can’t make it at 9am (because you are still sleeping, lol), you can join us at 11:30am. God will give us a wonderful time together!

And I hope you already heard that today is the day my first two teaching CDs, titled, “What sex is not” and “What sex is” are going to be released. Make sure you buy both of them. Amazing truth of God is packed in these CDs. I spent hours and weeks and weeks to prepare these CDs. They each are priced at $5.

After you get these CDs and listen to them, I sure want to hear from you. Drop me your messages in my inbox (on A4P Facebook page) or my email me via ( or and tell me what part of the message touched you or what part of the message is brand new info for you.

Please pray so that God will awaken our spirit so that we will know His presence because as He promised saying, “If two or three of you gather together in my name, I will be among you” He will be among us but unless our spirit is awaken by prayer and worship, we will miss it. So, come prayerful!

In Him, Missy.