The moment of the Holy Spirit!

What a wonderful Sunday the LORD gave us yesterday! Oh, how I thank God for it! I don’t know about you but for me, His presence swamped me up! May all the glory and praise be to Him!

I don’t know what the highlight of your day was yesterday but for me, it was the sacred moment of the Holy Spirit; the moment my husband surprised me on the stage!

Oh, LORD, my husband had never surprised me like that before! Did you guys see that? I’m talking about the first service. I know he did it for the second service so that people wouldn’t miss out but he totally surprised me at the beginning of the first service.

After Pastor Hanfere laid his hands on us and prayed, when Pastor was about to give me the mic, my husband took the mic.

You see, my husband doesn’t like public speaking, doesn’t go around and teach like me. Because of that some people start asking why I’m in the ministry but not him, like most ministers out there (where husbands are the main ministers and their wives are their supporters). Well, when some people saw that we didn’t fit the “norm,” they began asking why. When they didn’t find an answer, some people began to filling the blanks with their guesses.

So, my beloved husband, the one I always find myself falling in love with, took the mic to clear things up a bit and said, (this is on my own words; you can hear his exact words from the DVD, which you can order from the church’s official website, or in person), he said, “Because of the cultural background and the societal taboo, people ask why I the husband is not in this ministry as my wife. The thing is the message she is sharing with you all is given to her, not to me. So, today, this is what I want to do. Before my pastor, before you the people of God and before the Almighty God, I willingly want to release my wife to this ministry.”

Precious, I was stunned. I dropped down to my knees. I saw some women in the congregation wiping their tears!

You see, as we always do, before I left the house, I knelt down before him and he laid his hands on me, prayed and blessed me. I thought that was it! But he wanted to do more so that he would RELEASE me in public so that those people who might had a question about this ministry would have an answer for.

Oh, I can’t describe how I felt during that moment. I wanted to shout, cry, jump, kneel down, and laugh all at the same time! May the LORD bless him forever! Oh, how I love and respect this man! How I feel privileged to be his wife, being under his leadership!

Anyways, thank you so much guys for all of you who came out to share this sacred moment and worship God with us and the whole congregation! And thank you all for buying and/or ordering the CDs. I pray you’ll be blessed by them.

Some of you commented saying that the teachings on those CDs are short. My friends, I never prepare or publish a CD or DVD to make it any longer than the message I set out to prepare or publish. I never do that even when I stand before a live audience. I strive not to add or take away from the message God puts in my heart.

If you meditate on one truth or life principle you hear on those CDs, I hope and pray your perspective about sex will forever be changed. Take for example, the message from CD one, “Sexual intimacy is not an entertainment!” Wow, did you hear that?

Meditate that! Expound on the idea! Write it down! Look at it! Read it! Read those Bible chapters which talk about sexual intimacy chapters such as 1 Corinthians 6 and 7 and meditate on them.

Ask yourself: What kinds of stuff am I letting my eyes watch and view on a daily basis? Notice how commercials are done to sell a product. They pretty much are saying, “If you buy this car, you will be entertained with sex for free!” So, before you say the messages are short, ask yourself how many of the spiritual principles you heard on those CDs you are planning to put into practice so that they will be part of you. Challenge yourself! Don’t look for 100 spiritual principles packed in a two hours long CD. Instead find few principles at a time so that you will have time to study each one of them and apply them to your life until the principles themselves mark your life. I hope you didn’t think that $5 is the price for the message. God’s message can’t be priced my friend. They are priceless! They can’t be sold for any price! But by you spending $5, you let the amazing truth of God reach many people and by you spending money on the original copy, you are supporting this ministry to do more projects to reach more people!

So, thank you all who spend your money to support this ministry! There are more teaching CDs, DVDs, magazines, TV and radio productions which are coming soon if God wills and provides for all of them!

Okay I have to go now. Thank you so much again all my supporters for coming out yesterday! Thank you for all the lovely and sweet words you dropped me in my Facebook page and email inbox! May the LORD bless you and yours! ///