The Bible verse I meditated this morning is not leaving me alone. I think I will find rest if I share it with you all.

Before I let you know of the verse, let me give you a background of the story. On the Book of Numbers, chapter 7, God told Moses to accept gifts from every tribe of Israel and give those gifts to the Levites who can use them according to their assigned responsibilities in the tent of meeting. Continue reading Kohathites

First day of school for our kids!

Well, it is not that exciting day for me! I got up at 4am because I was a little, well, emotional to see my kids going to school today. They stayed with me for the whole summer and today, they have to go.

Yesterday, we wanted to have a small party and we went grocery shopping to brighten up our night. Then at the checkout, the cashier said, “So, are three of them your kids?” Continue reading First day of school for our kids!