We Both Are Equally Important

The highlight of my life this past week has been my son driving the car all by himself. If you didn’t read my post yesterday, read it so that you’ll have some idea what I am talking about here.
I was working on one project the whole day yesterday but my mind and heart was with my son, Abel.
When it was round 6:15pm, my son came home and I ran to the door and hugged and kissed him. My first question for him was: “How was it? Did the car slip or slide?”
And guess what his dad asked him? “How far did you guys go with the project?”
Why did my Berhan and I ask our son different questions? Well, because we are two different people, and one of our differences is this: he is a father and I am a mother. What concerns me doesn’t usually concern him and vice versa. My last worry yesterday was about my son’s school project. Even if I knew that the project was one of those AP courses which will help determine my son’s next undertaking, I couldn’t care less about it. In the middle of the day, the snow turned into ice which made the road very slippery, so do you expect me to worry about his school project? Oh, no, not a chance.

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