To Love

The word “love” has been romanticized so much that it now means something that is very far away from its true meaning.

I love this chocolate!
I love my pair of jeans!
I love me so much that I don’t have time for somebody else!
I love cake!
I love this kind of car, shoes, dog, burger, you name it!

The Bible says, “God is love.” 1 John 4:16 Continue reading To Love

My Sister & Her Hubby!🥰😍😘💗💕❤️

I am the 8th child to my parents and here is my only younger sister, Tibkagre Tadesse Kifetew. She is four years younger than me. She lives in London with her husband, Sosenios Negash. They have two little ones. Their little one came to this world just when Covid hit our planet. And imagine, I didn’t see the brand new baby, Selihom (or, Siloam – John 9:7) my brand new niece until now. Continue reading My Sister & Her Hubby!🥰😍😘💗💕❤️

Purity for the brave hearted!