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Someone’s Garden

One thing that captures my attention whenever I see or think of weeds is this: They grow without anybody planting them. The soil will be taken over by weeds if nobody cares for the field.

When weeds grow, they don’t need anyone to take care of them. And when they are left to themselves, they flourish more than any plant, flower or tree that you can think of.  And they take over anything that has life in it. Continue reading Someone’s Garden

Fighting Against Porn

It is impossible to fight against porn alone.
You always lose!
You see, darkness loves secrecy, loneliness! And when you invite another person to join you in your fight against porn, it is like saying “Yes” to light to shine on the dark area of your life.
If you are in Christ, you desire to run away from darkness. And when darkness tries to make its abode in your soul, you partner with another believer so the darkness loses its power on you.

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