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His Entire Life

A4P Guest: I am seeing this man I know from my church. He recently asked me for a relationship. I told him that I needed time to think before I give him a yes or no answer. Then we started hanging out just for a cup of tea because I thought that would help me to know him better. People from my church (my spiritual fathers) encouraged me to accept his request. I think, he’s a good man and he always tries to take care of me. I haven’t seen any red flags so far A4P: “My spiritual fathers?” Are these men the ones you are asking advice from?

A4P Guest: Yes. Why? Continue reading His Entire Life

Different Quotes Together

When I get tired of reading books, I sit and read quotes I collected as I read books. In the past, I used to post them individually but I think it will be beneficial to you if I post the quotes I read today together. (If you want me to post them individually, let me know.)

“We are pretty much who we are going to be by age six or seven. Beyond that we are always who we are, and that won’t change. . . Behaviors and habits can change if a person has enough support to keep the changes in place, from the inside of the heart outward.” Stephen Arterburn, author of “Every Man’s Battle” Continue reading Different Quotes Together