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Others’ Negative Comments

One day our youngest son, I think he was second or third grade, came from school looking very sad. I took a quick look at his face and within a second knew there was something that was bothering him.
When we got home, I called him to my bedroom and asked, “You look very sad. Is there something you want to talk about?” His eyes were actually ready to let it all out.
So, wiping his tears, he said, “So and so said to me, “Your Mama doesn’t look like a mother.”

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A Prophet Told Me

No one can fight against sin unless they are born of God.

“I will stop viewing porn,” is a good decision but the question is, can you put that decision to work? Probably for few days, but not for long.

Many people want to stop watching porn. If tears could have saved a person from porn, many would have been saved from porn addiction because they have cried their eyes out, thinking that God would see their tears and say, “Okay! That is enough! I will take that desire out of you.” Continue reading A Prophet Told Me

High Testosterones???

A4P Guest: “I’m a 24-year-old Christian man. I know that sex before marriage is a sin and I don’t want to sin against God but because of my unique sexual nature, I’m sinning against God almost every day with porn and everything. My sexual desire is getting stronger and stronger every day. What should I do to decrease it? It is driving me nuts!”
A4P: First, congratulations for having sexual desires, one of the signs of good physical health.

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