“Homosexuality is not a behavior”

Dr. Rosaria Champagne Butterfield, a PhD in English literature, was a tenured professor at Syracuse University, openly practicing homosexuality and promoting feminism.

Dr. Butterfiled is now a homeschooling mom, a pastor’s wife, a part-time author and an occasional public speaker.

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Fool me once

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 50 thousand times, you are the weather man.”
Makes you smile and think twice, doesn’t it? Nobody fools you more than once unless you let them, and after you let them fool you multiple times, going around and blaming them for fooling you makes you look even more foolish.
You definitely teach others how to treat you. So, before you blame others for what they did to you, ask yourself this important question:
“Have I taught this person to treat me this way?”

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A Worship Song that melted my heart this morning

“You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up to more than I can be.” By Josh Groban
Without Christ being on my side, I realize that I can’t even get up from my bed, let alone be able to stand on mountains or walk on stormy seas.

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Are You?

If we say God is our Shepherd, we can safely say that we are His sheep. If He is our Shepherd and we are His sheep, we can again safely say that He is the One who leads our path. (Psalm 23)

And, as sheep of Christ, can we suggest to our Shepherd “a pasture” He needs to lead us to? Oh, no, we can’t. Have you ever heard a sheep saying to its shepherd, “I don’t think this pasture is a good one for me. I know a better one down there”? Continue reading Are You?

“I Fear Being Judged”

A4P Guest: “I’m a 24 year-old girl; third year university student, pursuing medicine. I have never been intimate with any man but I view porn almost every day. I am a Christian, active in my church. I can’t tell anyone in my church about my struggle because everybody sees me as a spiritually strong person. I tried everything I can to stay away from porn but I’m losing the battle almost every day. I’m praying and crying before God, but I feel like God is not listening to me. I sometimes think to end it all but fear grips my heart. Everywhere I turn, people are talking about men being addicted to porn and it seems like men who seek help are receiving help, but me, being a girl, how can I go to someone and tell them that I am addicted to porn? I fear being judged and labeled as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. When I watched one of your videos you uploaded on the Appeal for Purity YouTube channel, I heard you saying that you were introduced to porn when you were 13; and I decided to come to you thinking that you may not judge or label me. Missy, I’m scared; I am powerless to stop this. I’m helpless.”

A4P: I can neither judge nor label you, my friend, because I’ve been there. I know that feeling of hopelessness and been taken over by that bone-crushing fear. Continue reading “I Fear Being Judged”

What got into him?

My question for the bride would be: “Is this the first time this dude is acting like this?”
Her answer most probably would be: “No, it is not.”
My follow up question would be: “Then, how did you end up becoming his bride?”
Her answer might probably be: “I thought I would change him by marrying him.”
Change who?????? ///