My Berhan’s Response to a Question

If you are with me for the whole month of October, you should know what is going on with Appeal for Purity.

Well, October 31st is Appeal for Purity’s Two Year Anniversary and as part of the celebration of this day, I am re-posting some of my short and long articles (blogs, or writings, or whatever you call it) so that those who are new to the page will get a chance to read them.

Today, I will re-post my number one favorite post of all times! If you’ve been with me so long, you should, without a doubt, know which post is my number one favorite. It is my Berhan’s response to someone who directed his question not to me but to my Berhan.

When I uploaded the video of a short ceremony where my Berhan officially released me to the ministry, someone asked him what “I release my wife to the Work of God” means and here is my Berhan’s response (originally posted on 09/30/2014): Continue reading My Berhan’s Response to a Question