Part II of the Parent’s Seminar at Toronto, Canada

You know, I always say that I wish it could be possible to record God’s presence in a camera. But sitting down and watching this video more than four times, I realize that God’s presence is in fact always found in His Word whether His Word and truth come through a live seminar or a video clip. I find myself pretty much being overwhelmed by God’s presence and became in tears every time I watch this.

I pray God speaks to your heart and soul through the message.

The second session of this seminar was not recorded; that means I don’t have any more video clips of this seminar. ///

The Two Most Pivotal Moments Of My Teen Years

One of the two most pivotal moments of my teen years occurred when I was in elementary school. I was twelve years old. In the middle of our recess time, one of my friends who was a boy, came running towards me, away from his friends. He wanted to show it to me but one of his friends was fighting to take it from him. I didn’t know what the magazine was all about but I wanted to see it. So, I joined the fight to get the magazine and I took it from his hand and randomly flipped the pages.

I remember even the spot; the day, the time and the weather as if it was yesterday. I remember being frozen; not only me but I thought for a second the whole world had also stopped moving, PAUSED for a second. Continue reading The Two Most Pivotal Moments Of My Teen Years