A Simple Complement Goes a Long Way

I always get up early in the morning and do my devotion and everything. Then I go to shower and dress up and style my hair. It doesn’t really matter whether I have somewhere to go or not; this is my unchanging morning routine. This is actually something I learned from my mom. I am very grateful for it! And guess who appreciates this the most? My husband!

So, in the morning, by the time I finish getting ready, my husband will go out to go to work. I love to go out with him to his car and bless him and his day and I cover his car with the blood of Jesus. Then I just stand outside until his car disappears from my eyes. What do I do? Well, I pray for him; for God to go before him; for God to destroy his enemies before they come closer to him. I can’t tell you how I enjoy those moments. Continue reading A Simple Complement Goes a Long Way