My book from Springfield, VA

My Book from Virginia_n

Somebody sent me a picture of my book, “Beyond the Fairy Tale.” I love it and I want to share it with you all!

But guys, if you want to take part in the competition, you need to send me a picture of my Baby with you being in the picture.

Yes, I need to hear from many of you! Remember, all you have to do is, take a picture of you and my book and write me one quote from the book. That is all! Then I post the picture. A picture with the highest number of likes will win the game.

There is no joke on this page. Whatever we promise to do, we strive to keep it. So, go ahead and send me your picture with my book! Looking forward to hearing from many of you! Hey, bring that competitive spirit out for the good cause.

If you didn’t order my book yet, here is the link:

“I get very exhausting in the evening”

A4P Guest: My husband sleeps late at night and wakes up late in the morning. I, on the other hand, get up early in the morning and start taking care of our two little kids (one and two year old toddlers). I asked him to get up in the morning to help me with the kids. But he doesn’t seem to get it. Now our number one problem becomes our sexual life. I get very exhausted in the evening and he is very energetic at that time. I don’t have any energy left in the evening and he always complains about that. I told him several times that he has to help me in the morning for him to get sex in the evening. What should I do?

A4P: I smiled when I read your question because these days I don’t know any man who wakes up early in the morning, except my dad. Continue reading “I get very exhausting in the evening”