“My Friend’s husband asked me to sleep with him”

A4P Guest: My friend’s husband called me recently and asked me to sleep with him. I was very shocked. I’m married and they’ve been married now for three years. My husband and I and my friend and her husband, we all are Christians and we go to the same church. Now, I don’t know what I need to do. Of course I hung up the phone on him but do you think I need to tell my friend that her husband asked me to sleep with him? If I don’t tell her, I feel like I am hiding a secret from her and I read what you posted yesterday and I felt like God wants me to bring this secret out from the dark. What do you advise me?

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Wedding Vs Marriage

A wedding is not a marriage! A wedding is a ceremony and a marriage is a ministry. These two are very different. A wedding is a one day deal and after that, it is gone, done, finished, “finito”!

Whereas a marriage, it is a lifetime commitment. Wedding and marriage have to be handled differently. Here in America, “50 billion dollar a year is spent only for wedding ceremonies. One million copies of bridal magazines are sold each month” (from “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts” – by Parrott and Parrott).

That’s an absolutely staggering number since we know that one out of two marriages ends in divorce. All that investment on the wedding is not going to add a thing to the marriage.

Wise are couples who invest on their marriages (before they get married) as they attend premarital counseling sessions; buy and read together books about marriage and go counseling together (not to get validation for their relationship but to listen and apply what they learn). /// (this was originally posted on 12/02/2013)

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