Hmm – – – so (This was posted on December 29, 2013)

A4P Guest: “Before marriage, I didn’t sleep with anyone. Except my husband, I know no other man. I did everything I can to keep myself for him. Now after five years of marriage; he doesn’t even care for me a bit. He doesn’t love me anymore.”

A4P: Staying virgin doesn’t benefit anyone but the person who stayed virgin. And there is no Bible Scripture that says “A man has to love his wife if he is the one who is going to take her virginity.”

All the mental, spiritual and physical benefits of staying virgin belong to the person who stays virgin.

And by the way, a man tends to love a wife who respects and honors him as a person and as a husband. Sure, he can be a “selfish dork” whose world revolves around him and his desires and needs but he cannot be asked to pay his wife back for being his wife’s first and only sexual partner. ///