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Happy Columbus Day to those of you who live in America!

May the LORD bless Columbus for finding this beautiful land! I love America! May the LORD bless America!

What a fantastic Monday it is going to be! I didn’t even see the sun because it is still dark here. Hey, I don’t need to see the sun to know about this day. We should strive not to live by what we see and feel but by what the Word of God says and the Word says, “This is the day that the LORD has made and let us rejoice and be glad in it!” (Psalm 118:24)

So, I’m glad that today is here! I’m glad God created this day and gave it to me! I’m glad I’m alive! Aren’t you? Bless the day before it starts! ///

Relationship on Facebook

A4P Guest: I am in love with a man on Facebook. I began to chat with him like six months ago after he posted one spiritual picture. I asked him where he found it and the rest is history. Now, I can’t go to bed without chatting with him. I know that he is a real born again Christian who loves Jesus Christ. He is the kind of man I always dream to have. He understands me a lot. I sometimes spend five to six hours chatting with him. Now I want to spend the rest of my life with him. And I want to marry him but for some reason I have this “butterfly” feeling in my stomach and I don’t know what that is. Can help me?

A4P: I sure can help you with that!
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“That is all!” (Originally posted on Dec. 29, 2013)

“I’ve been a leader of a church for the last 15 years; many minsters listen to me; I worship God everywhere I go; I speak in tongues and prophesy. I lay my hands on sick and most of them get healed. I only have one minor issue: I tend to view porn probably for three minutes a day. That is all.”

If that is what the person says to you when you do an interview to recruit a minister to your church, what would be your reaction?

Won’t you say to him, “What did you just say? Did I hear you right? Did you say: “That is all”?

That is like a real estate agent saying to you this when you visit a house you are thinking of buying:
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Very lovely picture!

Oh, I have to share with you all this picture. I love it!

You know what came to my mind when I looked at this picture this morning?

Well, I looked at the cat as if “she” was me; and the dog, as my hubby, lol.

I know, sometimes I get on my hubby’s nerve and I feel so scared how to tell him what I did. For example, last time he told me to finish up some very important paper work and I said, “Yes, sir, I will finish it today,” and the next time I remembered was when he asked me that evening.

I was looking at him like the cat on the picture. I was at fault and I had no excuse. I quietly, with a very low voice, said to him, “I completely forgot.”
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People who made my Friday!

Oh, how can I thank you enough for those of you who donated for the GAME!

Thank you! Thank you! And thank you so much for responding for the call! You guys are amazing. I want to name each one of you and bless you in public!

Kibraeb Gebreselassie
Tsegereda Gashawbeza
Helina Girma

May the LORD bless you and yours for your generous support of “the Esther’s Kind of Modesty” competition! May the LORD bless you and your children and the children of your children up to a thousand generations with holiness and purity!

Above all, thank you for trusting me for handling your money well!

Oh, you don’t know how much I appreciate you!

I promise, every penny goes to the winner of this competition!

But, I still want to hear from many of you. Please, let’s join hands for the good cause. Donate to the cause guys! You will never regret! You will never know how God touches someone’s heart because of this modesty competition.

Let’s wave the flag of real beauty which the world and the devil are destroying from the face of the earth.

May the LORD bless you and yours! ///

Hmm – – – so (This was posted on December 29, 2013)

A4P Guest: “Before marriage, I didn’t sleep with anyone. Except my husband, I know no other man. I did everything I can to keep myself for him. Now after five years of marriage; he doesn’t even care for me a bit. He doesn’t love me anymore.”

A4P: Staying virgin doesn’t benefit anyone but the person who stayed virgin. And there is no Bible Scripture that says “A man has to love his wife if he is the one who is going to take her virginity.”

All the mental, spiritual and physical benefits of staying virgin belong to the person who stays virgin.

And by the way, a man tends to love a wife who respects and honors him as a person and as a husband. Sure, he can be a “selfish dork” whose world revolves around him and his desires and needs but he cannot be asked to pay his wife back for being his wife’s first and only sexual partner. ///


I’m very excited to let you all know that Appeal for Purity is going to launch its very first GAME to all its Facebook fans!

This game is one of the curriculum of CG-STAT (Chosen Girls for Such a Time As This) program. If you don’t know anything about CG-STAT, please read it on the Appeal for Purity official website (

So, the GAME is this:

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