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Your Census, not theirs, that Matters!

If you read Genesis 18, you find a story where God decided to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah where homosexuality was practiced openly and everywhere. And Abraham pleaded with God so that God wouldn’t destroy those cities.

Why did Abrahma plead with God? Because his nephew, Lot, was living in those cities.

So, Abraham pleaded with God asking a very important question: “Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked?” (Genesis 18:23) Continue reading Your Census, not theirs, that Matters!

Last Call to the following three individuals!

If you ordered my book a week ago from the following countries, but didn’t receive your order, please respond to us:

Edmonton Alberta, Canada
Calgary Alberta, Canada
London, UK

Your order is still with us. We sent you multiple emails but we didn’t hear anything back from you. As we repeatedly said, the shipping and handling fee for orders outside the US is different. Continue reading Last Call to the following three individuals!

Phew! This is harsh, but True!

I was in my kitchen, washing dishes and sweeping the floor. Three of my kids were helping me out. I was wearing a shirt I usually wear when I clean the house. I am sure you all have this kind of shirt. An old and rugged kind of shirt!

I was paying attention to nothing but to my work. Then my youngest son, Biruk, said, “So, Mom, you’re the one who’s hosting the modesty competition on Facebook, right?”

I was bending down to clean the floor. When I heard his question, I looked up and said inquisitively, “Yeeees!” Continue reading Phew! This is harsh, but True!

“Are you asking me to stop being a human being?”

I was seeing someone off at the airport like eight years ago. Then I met one guy who got married like a month ago. So, I asked him about his honeymoon and how marriage had been treating him so far.

While he was telling me about his wife and all, one gorgeous woman came down the escalator we were standing next to. I looked at her and she was pretty. Of course, he stopped talking and gave her a long look. Then I waited until he was done staring; but I was standing there wishing he wouldn’t turn to follow her after she passed us. Continue reading “Are you asking me to stop being a human being?”

My Baby in a picture!

Book_Hana from Oregon with my Book_n

You have no idea how happy I’m to hear from people who are reading or read my book! It rejuvenates my soul and spirit!

I literally labored to give birth to this baby of mine, “Beyond the Fairy Tale” and it means a lot to me to hear back from people who have received my baby.

And someone I don’t know sent me a picture of her and my baby from Portland, Oregon and she gave me permission to post her picture. Thank you Hana!

I know, you may ask, “How did your baby get to Oregon?” Online order or someone sent it to them. I just love to see my baby on others’ hands; especially on young and beautiful girls’ hands.

If you didn’t order my book yet, you can do so by clicking the following link: