Men Need To Know This!

I told you I love to read good books.
I am finishing up this beautiful book called “Living Strong Finishing Well” by the late Dr. David Stoop, one of my favorite authors and speakers of all clinical psychologists I know.
(As you know, Dr. Stoop went to be with the Lord this year in March. You have no idea how I prayed for his healing after I heard about his sickness from their website but God did what was best for Dr. Stoop. May His name be praised forever!)

Anyways, sadly enough this is his last book. And you have no idea how I love to read his books and used to love to listen to his talks about men when he was coming on the New Life Live daily radio show.
Simply put, Dr. Stoop knows what he is talking about.
I mean this book is not at all about men but this chapter, Chapter 7, is all about friendship.
And do you know that men die before women mainly because they don’t know how to deeply connect with other men? Oh yes!
If they have men friends, they just meet and talk about politics or football/soccer whatnots.
Do you think a young man says to his young man friend, “Hey, Bro, this nasty dream with women I’m seeing in my dream every day is driving me nuts! Would you please help me?”
Are you kidding? He would rather choose to die than say those things!
That is a no-no thing to do in a man’s world!
He chooses to say those kinds of things to a girl he is dating because she instinctively wants to be his own personal Mother Theresa and in the process, unknowingly, she finds herself with him in his bed. So an evil man who knows this particular nature of a woman tend to be quick to share his deep and intimate stories with a girl he’s dating.
Otherwise naturally a man is a Lone Ranger!
But as a Christian, every man should ask:
Did God create a man (or, a woman for that matter) to live life alone?
As you know, Eve was deceived, not Adam in the Eden Garden. That means, Adam did sin against God KNOWING WHAT HE WAS DOING!
And found to be “Guilty as charged!”
So he is always trying to hide. As part of his strategy to hide himself from everybody else, sometimes a man hides from himself too, he keeps his life to himself.
No wonder all porn addicts are loners🤔.
Yes! Sin loves darkness! Sin loves Lone Rangers.
“For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.” John 3:20-21 NASB
A man’s “ability to connect deeply with other men in his life,” means living in the Light!
Are you that young man? Leading your life by yourself? Nobody knows about your personal life except you?
Well, this message is for you! Strive to build a meaningful relationship with other men so you live longer in the light. ///
P. S. Is this applicable to women? Yes but I don’t need to make any emphasis on this point since women naturally connect to other women at a deeper level and they tend to live in a group or community, not alone.