Digging a Grave To Bury

The Bible says,
“This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him; Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.” Genesis 5:1-2 KJV
Did you hear that?
God called their name (not  “their names” but their name) Adam, means “mankind.”

Beautiful, isn’t it?
God created Adam and from Adam, He took Eve out. So, even if Eve came later, she was created with Adam (Genesis 2:18-24) equally.
However, equally does not mean, identically.
If both of them were identical, one must be unnecessary. God didn’t create duplicates but different complementary partners.
For example, putting 80 20 rule in mind, men are physically stronger than women so men can protect the women and their little ones from danger, enemies and thieves. Women are more caring and loving than men so they patiently nurse and raise their children.
When this truth is used and abused or interpreted in a way, for example, to dominate and exploit women and little children, deleting this gender difference won’t solve anything. Denying this gender difference can actually make the problem worse as it’s been seen here in the US after the women liberation movement (WLM) in the 60th came to being.
WLM told the women that they didn’t need men in their lives and they would do great without men. They were told that they were actually equal with men, able to do whatever they wanted to do, to go to war, kill all the enemies and come back home and lead a normal life. Women were told that they could walk naked from waist up in summer just like men. They were told that they could sleep with many men, kill their unborn children and could live a fulfilled and normal life. They were also told that getting many degrees and winning higher up positions in the corporate America should be their main life goal. They were also told that giving birth to a child and raising that child shouldn’t be done by them but different people and so on and so forth.  
And the outcome of all that in the economy? Amazing! Because the work force was doubled and tripled in a short period time and all Americans began to be blessed by many “toys.”  
The outcome in the quality of the life of a woman and her children and the health of a society in general?  
Chaos and disaster, to the say the least! And unfortunately these chaos and disaster still continue as we speak.  
What empowers a woman is not movements such as WLM that tells women that they are equal with men but letting women know who they are and what kind of place they have in a society starting from their role in a man’s life.  
When a woman knows her values and knows how to value HERSELF accordingly, her life will be revolutionized without hurting and affecting her life and the lives of her offspring.
When societies start saying, “Women can do everything men do; women are equal with men in everything,” they are digging a grave to bury womanhood which is the lifeline of a society.
And this is a very dangerous game for any society to play with because this kind of game has a tendency to boomerang and destroy its own creators. ///