What A Beautiful Amharic Song!

I usually don’t like to see sad faces on Gospel singers. I mean, why sad? “Serious looks” are okay sometimes but sad?


Sad faces say to me, “We really don’t understand the joy and peace Jesus Christ is talking about.”

Joy is the sign of the heart that gets the message of the Gospel clearly!

However, in this beautiful song, the serious or sad faces of the couple actually have a meaningful message to my heart.

They say, “Oh our children, we might have preached to you in many occasions before but today, we both are going to tell you the main thing we’ve always wanted to tell you: The value and worth of the Word of God! Oh please listen to us, your parents! If you reject this, you reject your very own life. So please don’t reject the word of God. Please our children!”

This is not preaching but begging! It is appealing!


Thank you, Gospel Singer, Endale W/Giorgis! Wonderful work! May God bless you, your beautiful wife and your beautiful and funny kids!

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