Clueless Boys!

As many researches have shown these days, young girls, as young as 8 or 9, pursue clueless boys for sex aggressively. 
Why are the boys clueless?
Well, girls hit puberty at a very early age these days for various reasons as some researchers have shown, reasons such as, growth hormones being added to most foods we eat, the sexually saturated environment kids live in and more.

A girl starts to play “hunky-punky ” with a clueless 7 year old boy. Can you even believe that? And the boy at her age has no clue what is going on.
“Okay, at that early age, they are just kids, nothing is going to happen and we should not worry, ” you may say. The problem is, this pattern remains the same through their teen years. For example, young boys are forced to have sex in a school bus with young girls because the girls forced or pushed them into it.
Let me not say much. The reality on the ground is beyond our imaginations.
The question we need to ask is this: What do we parents of little kids need to do as Christians to save our boys from aggressive girls? To lock them up in the house? Raise them in a bubble? Home school them and make them work in the house after they finish high school?
All these are not ways to solve the problem.
What we can do is this: we can actively get involved in our kids’ lives and fight for their future while they are under our care.
(Well, my boys have grown now. My little one is 17, praise God. So, I am writing this to you, parents, who have little kids under your care. )
What you, the parent, need to do is to equip and prepare yourself first to have good understanding of the situation you and your children are in and strive to train up your boys/girls “in the way they should go.” (Proverbs 22:6)
So, this book I am recommending to you today, “aggressive girls, clueless boys” helps you do just that. 
It is written by Dennis Rainey, the radio host of Family Life Today Ministries, the ministry that helped my husband and I to do marriage well and raise our kids according to the word God for the last 22 years. The price of the book  is cheap, around $5 but the information you get in this small book is priceless and timeless.
So, please, please, please! I beg you! Get this book and save your little ones, mainly your boys. ///