“my Christmas gift to you!”


Are you in a shopping spree?
You must be if you live especially in North America, running around buying Christmas gifts, not to you but to others. 

Personally speaking, receiving gifts from others is not my thing but that doesn’t save me from running around in this season because I have kids, nephews and nieces.
Even if I don’t like to receive gifts, I love giving gifts and hear this: I love giving “me” gifts! – I know, you might not have heard anything like this before but you have now. Yes, I do buy precious and worthy gifts to myself, like the one gift I am sharing with you today. 
So, I am here to encourage you, women, mainly married women, to buy gifts to yourself and I have a suggestion to make.
The Reformation Bible Study has changed my understanding of the word of God for good! Oh, how thankful I am that I have this Bible! 
So, I recommend that you buy this study Bible to yourself as a Christmas gift. Actually make this one of your New Year resolutions: to soak yourself in the word of God; and this Bible, once it gets into your hand, does just that, soak you in the word of God.
Then you won’t have time to browse and waste away your life, energy and mind sitting on social media for hours and hours.
Equipping one woman with the world of God means marking the next generation for the glory of God! Praise God!
Can men benefit from this study Bible too? Absolutely. However I have one other recommendation for them. That is coming up tomorrow.
When a woman does not know the word of God, she can be dangerous for herself, kids and children. (Please don’t ask me like this: “What about men?” – my answer to that is, I am talking about women today, not men).
So, ladies, please, buy this Study Bible as a Christmas gift to YOU and change your life and the next generation for the glory of God.
This recommendation is actually “my Christmas gift to you!”
I especially recommend this particular Bible to those women who are always whining and complaining, saying, “My husband does not give me a gift. He actually has never given me a gift. I get really sad when I see other women receiving gifts from their men.”
Well, get over it! And learn to give yourself precious gifts like this material and make your husband/fiancee free from the worry of running around to find and buy a gift to you.
I freed my husband from worrying to give me gifts two decades ago! He is so happy and guess what, I am so happy too because I really enjoy giving “me” gifts. ///