“because you said no for sex”

A4P Guest: I’ve been seeing this man for the last 13 months and he proposed to me last month and gave me an expensive diamond ring. We both are Christians and we were planning to get married next summer. Two weeks ago, I found one text message on his phone from a woman. From her message, I could tell that he slept with her the night before I found the message. When I confronted him, he said, “I am not in love with her. I went to her because you said no for sex.” Now I feel like I need to call her and tell her that he is engaged to be married with me. Do you think she will leave my man alone?

A4P: Hold on a second please! Let me read this question again because sometimes my brain plays tricks on me.

Okay, so you want to call the woman and ask her to leave “your man alone?”

A4P Guest: Yes! You see, sometimes women like her need to hear from a woman who stands for her man.

A4P: Oh, Precious, what would you do if the same thing happens to you after marriage and he says to you,  “I didn’t sleep with this woman because I love her but because you are unable to do sex the way I want to because you are eight month pregnant?” What would you do? Call the woman to leave your man alone until you give birth to your child?

Why is this thing complicated for you to see? I will try my best to be very kind and compassionate with you here:

Leave the woman alone. That is her life and decision. You are called to take care of your life, not somebody else’s life. Run your own life, not somebody else’s life.

The ball is in your court, why do you want to toss it back to another woman who has no role in your life? It is your game, my dear! Play it well! Send the man out of your life!

Sell the proposal ring and buy something beautiful for yourself and enjoy it! Run away from him!

And by the way, the man is not engaged to you; only you were engaged to him! Break the chain now and make yourself  free before it’s too late. ///