I am totally sold out for this!
Whenever Kendrick brothers make a movie, I am in! And when one of the actors is Alex Kendrick himself, I mean, I am IN!

Kendrick brothers are creators of wonderful Christian movies such as Facing the Giants, Courageous, Like Arrows, Fly Wheel, War Room and they are now here again with a movie called Overcomer!
I mean, the title of the movie itself moved my spirit the first time I heard it.
OVERCOMER! Don’t you love that!
I’m just excited to see how they are going to tell me what kind of an overcomer I am through Jesus Christ.
The movie is going to be in theaters on August 23 and if you didn’t get your ticket yet, hey, get it now because I don’t think you can get ticket at the door. I learned from my mistakes when it comes to Kendrick brothers movies.
No, I won’t wait until Friday. I secured my ticket and my seat.
Don’t worry, you won’t see anything offensive! Nothing sexual and no profanity. This might happen to you after you watch the movie: You desire to love and worship God more!
Yeah, that is why I said “No, thank you but no” to all movies and reality shows and dramas of this world (whether the movies are in English or Amharic). There is no, “But they teach me about life” kind of game. How can I say “they teach me something” while I know for sure that they are at the same time stealing my devotion to Christ Jesus, the Word of God and the Holy spirit! ///