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A4P Guest: I am 34 years old woman. I was married but now I am divorced. The thing is, I was very immature back then. So, for a very silly and childish reason, I filed for divorce and next thing I know, I became a divorcee for the last three years. For the last couple of years, I have been reading marriage books written by spiritual authors and learning what marriage is and what my call is as a woman (wife). Now I am praying for God to give me back my ex-husband. Do you think that is a sinful prayer?

A4P: I don’t think it is. But let me ask you: How do you want God to give you back your ex-husband?

A4P Guest: However way God wants to. I want to marry him again and be a better wife to him. He was such a nice person.

A4P: What if he doesn’t want to? What if he moved on with his life?

A4P Guest: Yeah, that is my fear.

A4P: What is your fear?

A4P Guest: That he moves on with his life and marries another woman.

A4P: Yeah, what if that happens? Do you stop praying to marry him and move on with your life?

A4P Guest: Never! I know, God is too big. He can do anything.

A4P: What do you mean? God is too big that he forces your ex to divorce a woman he chooses to marry so he remarries you?

A4P Guest: Not like that but

A4P: But what?

A4P Guest: If we are meant to be together, God will make it happen and we will be together no matter what.

A4P: Okay, sweetheart, not playing devil’s advocate here but, I think you are wasting your time living in a wonder land. Open your eyes and see. You are still young and you need to move on with your life. Learn from your past mistakes and strive to be a better person today and tomorrow. God doesn’t twist your ex’s arms to re-marry you so you become happy. ///

P. S. Why do many women pause on their lives while they pray for that “long gone” ex-boyfriend to come back and be their boyfriend again? Why do many divorced women pray and wait for their ex-husbands to come back and propose to them again? I have no clue! What are the chances for these women to get what they wished for? Very, very slim, like winning mega millions jackpot.