The Pastor Committed Adultery and then?

Please listen to this New Life Live radio show. It was aired today.
I am sharing the link here because I want you all to listen to the questions of two callers. You can fast forward it to the 15th minutes and you can listen to these callers.

A man called and asked if he could start a church. He committed adultery as he was a senior pastor. Then after three and half years, he divorced his wife and married the woman he committed adultery with. Now after 23 years, he is asking if he can open a church because he still has a passion for the LORD and ministry.
Please, please, I beg you listen how these brilliant people handled his questions.
I especially recommend this clip to you, young men, whom God is preparing for the future church or ministry. I am kind of losing hope in today’s church.
Please listen and learn how to minister to those who are caught in sin. There should be a guideline in a church regarding issues such as adultery especially when it happens among people who are serving in the church, pastors, deacons and all.
The second caller is asking them what to do with her husband. Her husband is a deacon in their home church and she had been married with him for the last seven years. During these years she found out that her husband actually had been married with other five women and she is number six. For her, this was her first marriage.

Please listen how these wise, gifted, talented and of course well educated Christians are responding to her question.

What I cannot believe from her question is the fact that she still wanted to live with the man. This shows me how much we women need other women in our lives, women who can teach us to have a spin! Please listen to this show.

By the way, I have been listening to this radio show for the last 25 years and yes, my husband and I send our monthly financial support to help New Life Live ministry because like thousands of other people, we are the fruits of their hard labor. This ministry, New Life Live, ministered to us and (still are ministering) to our hearts. They taught us how to walk the talk as a Christian and they also thought us what biblical sexual purity looks like. The host, Steven Arterburn, is the author of Every Man’s Battle and all the series of this book and others. ///